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Call Our Vocation Directors


Fr. Sahaya Rubiston, Cmf

Vocation Director, US


Fr. Percy

Díaz, Cmf

Vocation Director, Canada

Fr. Rubiston (Fr. Rubi) entered the Claretian seminary in 2004 and made his first profession in 2009 in India. He was called to serve in the USA-Canada Province in the year of 2013. He made his perpetual profession on August 15, 2014 at the San Gabriel Mission in Los Angeles. And he was ordained a priest on May 21, 2016. 

“Fr. Percy” has been a Claretian for 23 years.  In 1995 made his first profession and then was called to serve in the USA-Canada Province.  In September 4, 1999 made his perpetual profession and was ordained to the priesthood in December 8, 2000.

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