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Tips on how to Live a Religious Vocation

During his visit to Peru, Pope Francis reminded us about religious vocations:

“Our vocations will always have that double dimension: roots in the earth and hearts in heaven. “

“Like the tree that has no roots, withers. I tell you that it is sad to see a bishop, priest, nun, wither. I am even more saddened when I see seminarians wither.

“This is very serious. The Church is good, the Church is mother and if you see that you cannot, please speak up before it’s too late, before you realize that you have no longer have roots and that you are withering away; there is still time to be saved, because Jesus came for this, to save, and he called us to save.”

And to not wither, the Pope recommends the following tips:

  • We are not “and never will be, the Messiah, but only one called to point out the Lord’s presence in the life of his people,” like John the Baptist did.

  • “Work with the Lord, side by side.”

  • Don’t be too hard on yourselves: let us accept “the spiritual ability to stand before Lord with our limitations, our mistakes and our sins, but also our successes, and the joy of knowing that he is at our side.”

  • Ask for the grace of joy

  • “If the Lord fell in love with you and chose you, it was not because you were more numerous than the others, for you are the least of peoples, but out of love! (cf. Deut 7:7-8)”

  • Never “look down on, the solid and simple faith of your people.”

  • Know how to “Welcome, accompany and stimulate their encounter with the Lord.”

  • “Do not become ‘professionals of the sacred’ by forgetting your people, from whose midst the Lord took you.”

  • “Do not lose your remembrance and respect for those who taught you how to pray.”

  • “Faith in Jesus is contagious.”

  • “For the joy of the Gospel fills the hearts and the lives of all who encounter Jesus.”

  • “No one is saved alone.”

  • “Make the elderly dream. If the young do this, I assure you that the elderly will then make the young prophesy.”

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