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If you think that way, well, praise be to God! That means that you are a natural human being just like everyone else!

One of the most common comments I hear from young men who are thinking about the priesthood and missionary life is that they love women too much to live without them. They also admit to fearing that they will not be able to maintain a life of celibacy. Well, people who have felt the same way have still made a choice to follow Christ and forego marriage for the sake of the People of God.

We tend to forget that there is something greater than our fears here: God. When God calls you, God is making a promise to you that He will help you. And it works! Just ask the priests and religious sisters around you! They felt the same way that you do; yet they made choice to put all that beautiful energy into works of charity, mercy and love. What we lack as human beings, God makes up for in our ministry.

If you are unsure about celibacy, or if you want to understand it better, come to a “Deeper Waters” retreat in which we talk about the vow of celibacy. Contact a vocation director here, or visit

The fact that you love women too much is actually a gift from God. Yet, you may be called to even greater things: to love all people too much, like God does! That’s why He is calling you to share that love with the unloved, the forgotten, the judged, the marginalized. Take the risk; walk the walk and be proactive!

The very fact that you are reading this, could be God’s invitation for you to be a missionary!

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