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What might your vocation be?

Vocation Essay

by Kiley Kemper

Kiley is an elementary school student who won an essay contest on Vocations in Indiana. Text courtesy of Mrs. Brenda Hagan from Whitesville, KY.

There are three different vocations in the Catholic Church. They are married life, single life, and religious life. Everyone has a calling in life and are supposed to go with what their calling is. Not everyone has the same calling because everyone is different and God wants what is best for us as individuals. Your vocation is not really what you prefer, but what God wants you to be. Your vocation is not the same as your career. A person doesn't have to believe in God to pick a career but you have to believe in God to receive your calling. Your vocation is a big step on your journey of faith.

The vocation that I think I would want when I am older is marriage. A married person lives a vow of faithful love to a spouse. They are committed to helping their spouse grow in human and christian maturity. They are to form a family together and be the first teachers of their children in the faith, There are many reasons why I want this vocation, but it's mostly because I want to get married and help my children grow strong in their faith. I hope to raise my children like my parents have raised my siblings and I. I think that going to a Catholic school my whole life has made me grow strong in my faith and I hope to do that for my future children. I also hope that my husband and I help each other grow stronger and closer to God. Each vocation is special to each individual for different reasons. I firmly believe that my family has instilled values and beliefs in me that have aided me in making my decision with God.

Do you have some thoughts about vocations and discernment that you would like to share? Send them to us and maybe we will share them on our blog! Shoot for somewhere between 500 -1,000 words. Be sure to send us a photo or two to share as well!

If you haven't chosen your vocation: What vocation do you feel called to? Why? Have you spent time discerning your vocation? Has God given you some clues along the way? Are there some gifts, talents or passions you have that you feel would help you in this vocation?

If you've already chosen your vocation: What was your discernment like? How have the seeds God planted in your discernment started to bear fruit? What are some surprising ways that God prepared you for your current vocation during your younger years?  (ex. Challenges you faced or "chance" encounters or gifts that were encouraged in you by others?)

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