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Let's keep searching! 

Sorry, it doesn't look like you qualify for the Claretian Missionaries USA formation program. 

For our general requirements click here

Other Claretian options:


Are you a Catholic man discerning religious life outside the U.S.?  Find the Claretian Missionaries in your area by clicking here

Are you a Catholic woman discerning religious life?  Check out the 

Claretian Missionary Sisters

In the United States  or International

Are you looking for a lay missionary experience?  Check out the 

Lay Claretians Movement

For other Congregations:


​Here are two great online test that help you find possible matches of other religious communities that would be a better fit:

  • Vocations Placement: Test your calling, Ministry Potential Discerner, live-in retreat & other resources to help you discern

  • Vision: Vocation Match, Community Search & resources to help you discern

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