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As Servants of the Word and partners in hope, our mission is expressed through a variety of ministries in the USA-Canada:


Affordable Housing
We not only advocate for the homeless, but we also underwrite the expenses of accessible living for people who otherwise would not have access to renting a place in the Chicagoland area.

Senior Living Services
Villa Guadalupe is one of our ministries to the elderly, to make sure that they are treated with dignity.

Campesino Ministry
We minister to the people working in the fields of California (picking fruits all year round) and offer them catechesis, sacraments and accompaniment.

Working with Refugees
Our parish, Christ the King in Stone Mountain, Georgia, serves a group of Eritrean refugees.

United Nations
Our Claretians represent indigenous people from the remote corners of the planet, becoming the voice for the voiceless. Fr. Rohan Dominic, CMF; and Fr. Sahaya Rubiston, CMF, represent many people and fight for their rights.

U.S. Catholic Magazine
For over fifty years, we reach thousands of Catholics in the country, bringing the Gospel to dialogue with daily life issues.

Radio Claret
We produce over 16 daily shows to reflect on what it means to be a Catholic in the US.  Our programing is in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Oye! Magazine
This is the only bilingual vocation magazine in the US.  It is available digitally for free.
This is the Hispanic Ministry Resource Center. We provide catechetical and homiletic material to lay ministers and priests on Hispanic Ministry.

Our Claretians minister as scholars at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago (Fr. Eddie De Leon, CMF teaches Preaching; Frs. Manuel Villalobos, CMF and Fernidand Okore, CMF, teach Bible).

University Campus Ministries
We serve university students at campus ministries at Missouri University (, Dominican University in Chicago ( and Yale University ( ) in New York

IBICLA (Claretian Bible Institute of the Americas)
This is an institute that teaches formal Bible studies to Catholics in the US.


Hospital Ministry
Our Claretians serve as Hospital Chaplains around the country. For instance, Brother Larry Moen, CMF, is the chaplain at a hospital in Hollywood, California.

Parish Ministry
We currently serve at parishes in the states of Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, California, Missouri, New Jersey, Texas and in Canada.

League of Saint Jude
The Claretians serve in one of the biggest Devotional Leagues to Saint Jude. We reach out to thousands of people around the country, offering up our prayers and intentions for them.

The Claretian Initiative
This is a ministry that seeks to offer after school programs for youth at risk in Illinois, California and Georgia.

Through retreats, accompaniment, and mission experiences, we help young people to discover where God is calling them to use the gifts God has given them.

We have also Summer Bible Programs for youth and young adults

We serve in 64 countries in a variety of ministries:
-Communities of People with Leprosy (Hansen's Disease)
-Universities in Brazil and Colombia
-Catholic Camps
-Claretian Publications (Bible Diaries, Devotional Books)
-Television Stations in Brazil and Peru
-Claretian Radio Chains
-Popular Bible Study Programs around the world
-Schools, High Schools, etc.

Care for the Poor



Pastoral Care


Youth Ministry/Foundations



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