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At the Service of the Mission

My vocation story to the Claretian missionary life.

From Central America to Canada.

By Fernando Ferrera CMF

My name is Fernando Ferrera CMF. I am originally from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The beginning of my vocation was very simple, I simply wanted to be a “missionary” and this was what marked my vocational call. In my life as a teenager I met the Claretians through a well-structured youth ministry and I admired their lifestyle and the community life they shared. It is community life that has helped me to walk in my ministerial life supported and valued by my community brothers.

Throughout my vocational journey I have felt guided by God, first in my seminary years in Guatemala, adapting to living in a different country from mine and with six different cultures in the same seminary. This helped me to be able to live in multicultural and multigenerational communities.

An important aspect of my vocation is "being open to the will of God in my life" in such a way that in all these years I have seen that I have not been disappointed by his love and fidelity to me. In the missionary vocation it is important to put all our values at the service of the mission and something that has helped me a lot was having learned to play the guitar and play other instruments of "Andean" origin during my initial formation process. Currently this has helped me as a very effective element in liturgical songs.

The aspect of the Claretian dimension that has most influenced me in my missionary life is the Eucharistic dimension. It is there where I meet the living Christ and I meet my own reality. In Claret's life I have always been impressed by his fidelity and devout dedication in the Eucharistic functions. This element has filled and enriched my entire missionary life up to the present.

I began my priestly life in the mission of Darien, Panama among the poorest people in that country. This helped me to work with peasants, migrants and indigenous people in a positive and humane way. And it is really true that "the poor evangelize us." And then in 1997 I was assigned to Costa Rica where I was able to study for a master's degree in Biblical Sciences. This has helped me to diversify my pastoral service from the Word of God, in the style of Claret, who saw in the sacred Scriptures a call to configure ourselves with the missionary Christ of the Father. And now, for more than 22 years in Canada, working with migrants and all kinds of communities. I thank God for the vocation I received and because I have been able to fulfill myself in my apostolate and in the missionary tasks assigned to me.

Fernando Ferrera, CMF

Victoriaville, QC. CANADA

Do you feel called to be a missionary? Are you interested in being with people of different cultures and generations? Does community life intrigue you? Get in touch with our vocation director and he can accompany you in your discernment.

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