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Let’s Be Young People Who Respond to the Call to Serve

By Josué Arias

Josué is currently discerning a vocation with the Claretian Missionaries, accompanied by Vocation Director Fr. Byron Macías CMF.

Puedes leer este artículo en español aquí.

Josué [in the middle with a cross] with others in discernment and Vocation Director Fr. Byron Macías [in red shirt].

Reflecting on the passage in which Jesus is celebrating the Last Supper with his disciples, it is clear that Jesus calls us to discipleship. The Last Supper is a gesture of farewell that prepares the way for our encounter with his Church, which we are called to serve.

Each of us is called to serve in a particular way. Some are called to marriage, others to the priesthood, others to consecrated religious life, and others to life as a lay person. All these vocations or calls have the common objective of serving others.

Today I would like to highlight the call to serve through religious life. The Gospel of Matthew reminds us that the harvest is abundant but the laborers are few (Mt 9: 32-38). In the Church there is a great thirst and hunger for justice, peace and love. God needs young people willing to serve and carry out his work of salvation. God calls men and women, each by name, to offer themselves and give their lives in a very special way, at the service of his Church.

It is not we who choose God in religious life, but we respond to the call that he makes to us. It is God Himself who chooses us, but He does not do it in a way like a contest where the winner is chosen, but rather, God moves our hearts in our encounters with others. That is, through some scripture passage, someone who comes to you and asks you something or says something to you, in some family event or situation, in conversations between friends or through some ministry. The important thing is to know how to listen so that our response may be generous.

It is important that you communicate this stirring in your heart to a priest. He is the ideal person to help you discover your vocation. Participation in some ministry of the Church will also help awaken in you the desire to serve others with joy, love and dedication. And finally, receiving Jesus in the sacrament of the Eucharist is essential to discovering the call that God has for you. Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with his apostles to remind them that they would not be alone. He makes himself small in a little piece of bread and a little wine to accompany us and feed us on the journey of discovering our vocation.

The Vocation Directors Fr. Rubi & Fr. Byron are ready to accompany you in your discernment and help you find a spiritual director if you don't have one. Contact them today!

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